Sunday, January 20, 2013

My New Nest~Adventures in DIY

I recently moved. Yes my very own 700 square feet :) I know, sounds teeeeny tiny but, what it lacks in space it makes up for in charm.

It is a basement apartment in a beautiful Victorian home on the historical registry. So, it is a little cold down there (even with the heat up) but, it is mine all mine...

I wanted to be "frugal" when it came to furnishings and "what nots"...I have that complex, you creative types know the one.... The "Oh, I can make that, I am not going to buy it" syndrome!!!

 Most of the time, in the end it might just be cheaper to purchase it, however, not this time! With a little help (okay, a LOT of help from The Graphics Fairy and a freebie cabinet that my Mom had redone years ago (when she was going through her Prim days) 2.00 in paint from the Home Depot and Voila, my sweet little bathroom WITHOUT a medicine cabinet now has this beauty!! Toot toot, I am going to Toot my own horn!!!I mean, what was a girl to do? You have to have somewhere to hide the Excedrin!!

Gel medium, ink jet images reversed, a little old knob I had in my craft stash and Golden Soft Gel matte medium 
Hey, if I can do it, ANYONE can!!! 

Before Pic 1:
Mom had replaced the corny graphics (see before pic 2) with a little ticking and some chicken wire... Hey, like I said, she was going through her primitive phase, hahahahaha

After removing what seemed like 1000 staples from the chicken wire and fabric, it was back to it's original "glory" (well, Mom had sanded off some of it prior to covering it)

Before Pic 2:

The Graphics Fairy has the most wonderful ideas and tutorials available! I used her graphics and followed the Transfer Tutorials she has on her blog. She lovingly restores old images and the best part? She graciously let's you use them for FREE!!!!!! Stop by and see what Karen and her crew are up to and come back and see me, next is the bathroom shelves, well they are exposed? What do you expect me to do? Roll my towels and line up my nail polishes? NO Way, wait till you see my cute crates, but we will save that for another Brag Monday!!!! 

XOXO Melissa